Have you ever seen Jennifer fucking live?

That was the question that my good friend Philip over in Rome Italy said to me via Skype at the start of 2014, I had told him that I enjoyed a lot of her porn videos from 2010 and 2011, to matter of fact I do have a few DVDs of this Hot Pornstar Jennifer White, but he told me that I needed to watch her in live mode, I needed to watch her while she was having sex in real time, he told me it’s like sitting in the same room while she is taking cock. I honestly thought he was exaggerating, but considering the type I took an extremely seriously and I decided to sit in and watch one of the shows, at a total cost to my wallet of two dollars, I watched her having sex for two hours the less than two bucks.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
Measurements: 34C-21-33
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 27 years OLD
Date of Birth: February 6, 1988
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Agoura Hills, CA USA
Ethnicity: American
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Aliases: None
Started in 2009 at approx 21 years old

Well, I am now a regular member and that means I have a full membership at less than a dollar a day and I can enjoy all the live porn you can possibly imagine. If you would like to take a peek at Jennifer White Live Porn shows of the past, they are recorded and you can find them on this page I have linked and you can click on, right here in this paragraph. They are free to watch, and if you really do enjoy what you see, then all you have to do from there is sign up just like I did and like I do enjoy all the live porn you can possibly imagine.

Jennifer loves to do it Live

Jennifer was not so popular until she started doing Live Porn Movies, that is a figure and the fact the numbers are very clear, and of course everybody started talking about her and appreciating her obviously a lot more since she started this new way to do porn and to expose herself on the Internet like many other famous pornstars do every single day of the week. The reason I say every single day of the week is because specific network that were talking about has a live porn show every single day and that show lasts at least two hours.

The cost to watch this Live Webcam Porn? A lot less than you would possibly imagine, if I were to tell you that it would cost you a dollar a day for a $29.99 fee per month, what would you say to that? A lot of people don’t believe it and think that there are many hidden fees, or those so-called cross sales, but I would not be the case I have been a member for seven months now and have been only charged what they said that they would another single penny more.

jennifer white cherrypimps porn

In exchange I get to see all the live porn I could possibly imagine and it’s a bit like in demand, I can get to see all the shows that I didn’t manage to watch live as they are all men recorded and placed in the archives on this specific website. However there is also a CherryPimps.com that is considered safe for work as it has no new photographs but it does have all the information you need to know about the main website itself and therefore if you are not in the possibility to visit the main website that has lots of porn on it then this secondary website would be perfect for you to keep track of what’s going on on Cherry Pimps.

Yet another great live porn video by Jennifer!

When it comes down to Pornstars on cam my first thoughts always go out to Jennifer White, she was one of the first live porn videos performances that I had ever seen and that was about seven months ago and I was totally impressed on how good she was and for how long she lasted, she lasted close to two hours. Finished with one man started with another, then when he was done she started with another, she made three men have orgasms and she was still wanting more, but they cut her off after nearly 2 hours of live porn. Then people wonder why I was very impressed with her.

jennifer white cherrypimps

Then I found out that every single one of these gorgeous girls that do Live Porn actually do last that long, each show lasts at least 100 minutes if not more up to 130, they will pump out cum from men one after another and in most cases even when the supplies are over they will ask them to come back and do more, obviously just depends also on the fans how many are online and how many want her to keep on going.

It’s the greatest show on earth and I’m sure that all of you that have already watched it know exactly what I’m talking about and will totally agree with what I had just had to say. Prices are extremely low, they cost less, a lot less than you would ever think, surprisingly low, extremely low, that’s why should check out the website, you should visit the page that tells you the prices and you will totally understand where I’m coming from. Another surprise is that the Cherry Pimps Facebook Page is yet to be announced however they are already updating it and I found it, and even if they don’t want you to know that that page already exists here I am today letting everybody know LOL. Click on the link in this paragraph it will take you to that page and make sure that you become a fan, let’s get that page rolling even before it officially opens.

– Super Hot Pornstar Jennifer White – Live Porn Videos –

We’ve already mentioned this several times and not only on this specific fan blog about Jennifer White Porn Videos, the ones that happen in real time, the ones that are happening while your watching them in other words live porn videos. It was great to watch her do her thing the other night and the show should’ve lasted around 140 minutes, while she continued for over two hours, it was a pretty sight to see it was amazing how she handled the whole situation and involved the audience the way she did. I really do appreciate what these guys are put together, and gathered hundreds of famous pornstars, practically they have together all the best that they could find, and to be honest all the best that there is and in exclusive they have them have sex right here and live at CherryPimps.com but also don’t forget on its sister website that is: Wildoncam.com.


You have two websites to choose from to watch your Live Pornstars Shows, but that’s about it, all the other networks and websites that say that they can provide you the same service are lying, they can provide what this network is actually offering, simpered because they don’t have the exclusive famous porn stars, they may have some girls that they call pornstars, but I can guarantee you that they ought not famous and in most cases they really have no idea what they’re doing, so you are paying blindly for service that is not what you think it could be.

There is only one network like I said I can provide you all this, and here’s another one for you it’s Dana Dearmond at Cherrypimps.com and she happens to be particularly famous, she has been around since 2005, has made over 120 porn videos and is doing live porn every other week and believe it or not one of the most followed and watched adult entertainment models that there are today on the Internet. To understand why he is so hot and so good, the best thing to do would be to visit her profile but you can see I have linked a few lines above and take a look at the recordings of her live porn videos.

Live porn videos over the web with Jennifer White

You know what I was thinking? Is that nobody has ever thought of doing life porn shows via cable or satellite TV, in my 35 years of being on this planet I don’t think I’ve ever seen or even heard or read anything about life porn broadcasting on television, not sure how that would work out though, considering that a television is really not that bright it and therefore can be seen by everybody is in that room, while a laptop a handheld or smart phone is something personal and you can keep it hidden from anyone’s eyes if you want to. Not that this has anything to do with what I want to talk about today, but it was something curious that I’m sure many of you after that you read this you realize same thing and that Hot Pornstars having sex in front of a live audience is just an Internet thing.

jennifer white porn videosjennifer white porn

Not too fast, slow down because when we talk about Live sex shows there are different kinds of life porn shows and videos, there are many websites out there that show you live porn, that would be porn starring someone you’ve never seen before or you have absolutely no idea how she’s going to handle that cock, but it would be too late because you’ve already paid, that would be the case in every single life porn website except for two sites belong to the same network one is called Wildoncam.com and the other Cherrypimps.com and it’s about cherry pimps that we want to talk about today.

it happens to be one of the two websites owned by the same company that are the only two websites that broadcast Live Porn Videos starring real porn stars, starring life adult models, starring professionals and not some amateur college student is too shy even to look at the camera. I’m done talking LOL, because I want you to go and check it out click on one of the links I provided in this article and look at it with your own minds I want you to see if it is for you are not. I can add to this briefing rather than article, that it does cost less than a packet of cigarettes, actually a lot less than a packet of cigarettes to watch a two hour live porn show starring a professional famous porn star, I know because that’s how I tested out the website and that’s how I got to see for the first time Jennifer White getting fucked and that’s how she became one of my favorite porn stars and that’s the reason why I asked to contribute on this specific blog dedicated to the world famous porn star.

Jennifer is streaming live her porn

Well known to say the least, gorgeous and famous Pornstar jennifer White has surprised us all when she secretly, and when I say secretly I mean she didn’t tell any of her fans that she was actually going to start a new branch in her career that of making live porn videos, in other words while she was making a porn video that would most probably end up on DVD there were other operators and cameramen in the room that were holding WebCams and not normal video cameras and those WebCams were connected to a website that would stream and show live everything that was happening, so in other words Jennifer has started doing live porn videos for all her fans, and that would be me included above everybody!

Jennifer white cherrypimps live porn

Unfortunately I missed Jennifer White at CherryPimps.com first show, but I was happy to know that the website keeps archives of every single show, they are all unedited and members can login and watch them at any time, and therefore I did and I have to tell you it was one hell of a fantastic performance, I sat down and pretended that it was happening live, even if it was not, but being unedited it seemed that it was live it was fantastic and I cannot wait to see her go live once again in the month that is coming.

In the meanwhile I can choose among hundreds of porn stars that will be havingLive Porn Videos within the weeks to come at least one a day that will go live for at least an hour and a half, most of the porn stars will actually have sex with a male porn star obviously for over two hours, they will just keep on going, that doing it for the fans, all the hundreds of thousands of people that sign up either to CherryPimps.com or Wildoncam.com that have the exclusive tube life porn videos.

Jennifer White Caught Masturbating

Jennifer White was horny and her boyfriend wasn’t home…. So she took care of herself with her own fingers.

Imagine her surprise when her boyfriend came home early!

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He was mad… How dare she have sex without him!

Her boyfriend forced his cock down in her mouth!

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Jennifer White was so caught up in being caught masturbating and her boyfriend forcing himself on her that she nearly got off instantly!

jennifer white caught masturbating 1

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